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2011 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2011 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Syndey Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2011. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

This might come as a shock

But I’m actually updating the blog! I can’t believe it’s been since Oct. 25. We’ve been hecka busy with Barndog Mill and my fledgling real estate empire-to-be, as well as my regular job at the magazine, not to mention taking shifts in monitoring Lucy all day long while the other gets a few hours of work done. (Max goes to school.) We’ve also put our old house on the market (after fighting tooth and nail to get it vacant, but that’s another story entirely), celebrated Lucy’s first birthday, watched her take her first few steps and been continually amazed at the ridiculous things Max comes up with.

Here are a few pics of Lucy’s first birthday and our Christmas tree-picking adventure.

And since I never even posted Halloween, here’s a family pic.




Overheard by my 2-year-old: College

Max is carrying on a conversation with two trains. He is doing both voices.

“Oh, hello! What are YOOOOOUUU doing here?!”
“It’s me! Stanley! From cowllllege! (college)”
“Oh! Hello! I go to college by myself. You come with me?”
(apologetically) “Noooo….I not come with you to college.”
“Oh. OK. Percyyyyy! You come to college with me?”

I interrupt. “Max! I didn’t know Stanley went to college! Where did he go to college?”

“Oh! Yeah! Ummm…. he go to college….AT FRE-FRE’S HOUSE!”

Fre-Fre is my mom. When he goes over there, we call it “Going to Fre-School” because he always comes back so smart and respectable.

He knows he’s onto something funny with this “college” bit. Just now, he said he’s finished with his supper. “I gonna bring this now.” Where are you bringing it? “TO COLLEGE!!!!”

(note: this has turned into a live transcript)

me: You didn’t eat your supper
Max, getting down from his chair: I know. I gotta go. I’m a naughty boy. (Then, in a singsong voice) The Bible tells me soooooooo!


Dear Mom: Seriously?

My mom came over the other night. I brought out the crystal wine glasses, but she didn’t feel comfortable using them. When moving too fast, she can be a bit of a “breaker.” And she always moves fast.

She started sprucing up the half-bath off the kitchen. You know, the one Michael accidentally burned a hole in the wall when fixing the faucet? Don’t ask. Anyway, she did a great job. You might even say it’s sparkling.

Washing my hands just now, glitter down the sink hole caught my eye. In disbelief, I fetched some scissors and retrieved, oh, only the largest, gaudiest necklace I have.

Seriously, Mom? How could you not realize you stuffed an entire necklace down my sink hole? I mean… how does that even happen?


Conversations with my 2-year-old: school fights

And for an extra six bucks, I got a double side!

If you ever need business cards or invitations, use They’re faaaaaabulous. And select the free 21 day shipping…it usually arrives within a week.

So, I heard from my friend and Realtor co-agent Carrie that there was major drama in Max’s classroom this morning. Carrie said that when she arrived, a kid was bleeding profusely from his head. (Same kid who taught Max the f-bomb a few weeks ago.) She said the teacher had no idea what happened and it was total chaos. When Max got home this afternoon, I said, “Max, did *Theo get a bo-bo today?” Typically, he answers “I don’t knoooow” to every question I ask him. Which is why I’m totally surprised/impressed.

Max: Yeaaaah. He got a bo-bo on him head.

Me: But WHO gave him a bo-bo? Do you know?

Max: Yeaahhhh. Marcus gave him a bo-bo. Marcus did.

Me: But HOW did he give Theo the bo-bo?

Max: He HIT HIM IN HIM HEAD WITH A RED QUIT-AR (guitar)! LIKE THIS! (Demonstrates.)

Me: OHMYGOSH! Why?! Was Theo being mean to Marcus?

Max: Yeaaaaah. Theo touched him. So he hit him in him head.

It was all I could do to stifle my laughter and tears of pride at Max’s astounding informant abilities.

*Names have been changed to protect victims’ identities.

Baby ducks, big news

Sorry, was that headline misleading? Because I put “baby” and “big news” in it? Well, I’m not, if that’s what you’re thinking. BUT…! Both Michael and I have made some big career changes this summer that are finally up and running this week!

Introducing…, Michael’s cypress furniture company. The site is not quite complete, as he’s made a few new products that still need to be photographed (by the fabulous Brandi Simmons), and is now making tables with fancy legs as well as more seating. Check out this slatted five-foot bench he made last night.

And those suspenders! Isn’t he the cat’s PJs?

Also, after much toil, I’m happy to announce I’m now a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Red Stick Plus in Zachary! So be on the lookout for these bad boys:

And, finally, one last picture of Lucy with a flower in her hair.

She is the most darling, squishy doll of my life!

Wagon ride

Here are a couple mediocre pics from our wagon ride. Most notably, Max was sweet to Lucy and held on to her so she didn’t tip over on the bumps. (A major step for someone who normally says “I want Lucy to go away” when she wakes up from her nap.)

We can’t wait for fall!