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Baby ducks, big news

Sorry, was that headline misleading? Because I put “baby” and “big news” in it? Well, I’m not, if that’s what you’re thinking. BUT…! Both Michael and I have made some big career changes this summer that are finally up and running this week!

Introducing…, Michael’s cypress furniture company. The site is not quite complete, as he’s made a few new products that still need to be photographed (by the fabulous Brandi Simmons), and is now making tables with fancy legs as well as more seating. Check out this slatted five-foot bench he made last night.

And those suspenders! Isn’t he the cat’s PJs?

Also, after much toil, I’m happy to announce I’m now a licensed Realtor with Keller Williams Red Stick Plus in Zachary! So be on the lookout for these bad boys:

And, finally, one last picture of Lucy with a flower in her hair.

She is the most darling, squishy doll of my life!


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  1. I love how the invisible bench turned out!


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