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Dear Mom: Seriously?

My mom came over the other night. I brought out the crystal wine glasses, but she didn’t feel comfortable using them. When moving too fast, she can be a bit of a “breaker.” And she always moves fast.

She started sprucing up the half-bath off the kitchen. You know, the one Michael accidentally burned a hole in the wall when fixing the faucet? Don’t ask. Anyway, she did a great job. You might even say it’s sparkling.

Washing my hands just now, glitter down the sink hole caught my eye. In disbelief, I fetched some scissors and retrieved, oh, only the largest, gaudiest necklace I have.

Seriously, Mom? How could you not realize you stuffed an entire necklace down my sink hole? I mean… how does that even happen?



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  1. I have no idea, but I don’t think I did that. I’m as stupified as you are.


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