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Overheard by my 2-year-old: College

Max is carrying on a conversation with two trains. He is doing both voices.

“Oh, hello! What are YOOOOOUUU doing here?!”
“It’s me! Stanley! From cowllllege! (college)”
“Oh! Hello! I go to college by myself. You come with me?”
(apologetically) “Noooo….I not come with you to college.”
“Oh. OK. Percyyyyy! You come to college with me?”

I interrupt. “Max! I didn’t know Stanley went to college! Where did he go to college?”

“Oh! Yeah! Ummm…. he go to college….AT FRE-FRE’S HOUSE!”

Fre-Fre is my mom. When he goes over there, we call it “Going to Fre-School” because he always comes back so smart and respectable.

He knows he’s onto something funny with this “college” bit. Just now, he said he’s finished with his supper. “I gonna bring this now.” Where are you bringing it? “TO COLLEGE!!!!”

(note: this has turned into a live transcript)

me: You didn’t eat your supper
Max, getting down from his chair: I know. I gotta go. I’m a naughty boy. (Then, in a singsong voice) The Bible tells me soooooooo!



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